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like cargo.the white traders (who themselves physically packed them into the holds) would also rape the women and pack the victims in such a way that diseases spread. It was the WHITES who did this,not any Africans who participated in capturing people for them.The ONLY thing that Africans who participated with whites did was provide the abductions,that was the ONLY thing that whites DIDN"T DO. Saying "Africans sold other Africans" only goes so far.

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slaves were treated like property. they were closely packed together . it was hot and smelly

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Like cargo

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Q: How slaves were treated on slave ships?
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Why did slave traders treat slaves bad on the middle passage?

Slave traders treated the slaves disrespectfully mainly because they thought of the slaves as nothing but money.

Where were slaves from africa taken?

During the Triangular Slave Trade, ships departing from Britain docked on the coast of western Africa where they purchased slaves. After getting their human cargo, these ships set sail for the Americas. Slaves either went to the thirteen colonies or Caribbean islands to be sold.

Where did slave resistance occur on the triangular trade?

...slaves didnt want to be left to carry cargo .. when it was overloaded on ships so they rebeled

How the slaves were treated on the slave ships?

They were treated horribly!They were whipped and beaten and stuffed into tight spaces:First, the slaves would be put onto a small boat and brought to the slave ship. They would board it by climbing a ladder and immediately start being whipped. The men were usually stored under the ship on shelves, and the children in any other section of the ship. Women and boys were put in another area. The boys would be told to work on the ship, and the women were used for the sailors' entertainment. It was very common for the women to be raped so that they can produce more slaves and they were able to sell them for extra money.When a slave got sick, the sailors would throw it overboard, and the slave would drown. Slaves were fed small portions of SLOP for food. When food ran low, the sailors would attach a bunch of slaves to weights, and throw them all overboard, and they would drown together.I hope that helped!

Where did slave auctions take place?

Slave auctions took place at the docks. An huge slave action took place at the Race Course three miles outside Savannah, Georgia. 436 slaves were to be put up for auction including men, women, children and infants.

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What did they do with the slaves from the slave ships when they lsnded and how did they sell the slaves?

When slave ships landed, the slaves were taken to the slave market where they were auctioned.

Did slaves walk around on the slave ships?

Slaves were manacled and packed tightly into the holds of the slave ships.

What is chattel slaves?

Chattel slave is known as slave traditional slave. This is where slaves are treated as chattel.

What were the slave ships transporting?


How were married slaves treated?

the same as not married slaves didnt matter a slave was a slave

How were slaves treated when they came to America?

The slaves were treated horribly by a lot of people but some people were not cruel to the slaves. On slave ships coming to America from Africa it was horrible. The slaves were all chained together chained together and were only fed potatoes. The slaves often died on ships. If a slave died on a ship, they would be dumped. The slaves were kept in the lower part of a ship. It lacked anything clean and was full of infection. Some of the slaves attempted to jump over bored to die.

What is a chattel slave?

Chattel slave is known as slave traditional slave. This is where slaves are treated as chattel.

How were African slaves treated on the slaver ships?

African slaves were treated very poorly on the slaver ships. They needed to keep the slaves alive--but otherwise, slaves were just like any other cargo.

Where were slaves on board slave ships taken from?


Why were slave ships so overcrowded with slaves?

The more slaves, the more money made by the captain when sold in the slave market.

How often were slaves fed on the slave ships?

about twice a day

How many slaves survived the journey on the slave ships?