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was emily geiger impacted in the war or history?

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Q: How was Emily geiger impacted the war or history?
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Who is Emily geiger?

She was a spy in the Revolutionary War.

During the Revolutionary War Emily Geiger was important because she?

helped to smuggle secret messages past through the British lines.

How was Great Britain impacted by the war?

great britain impacted by the war was because i dont know because i dont pay any attaintion in history

Why did Emily geiger become famous?

Because she was taking a message somewhere during the Revoulutionary war and was stopped. But before they could read the message she ate it :3

Who was Emily Geiger?

Emily geiger was a brave 18 year old who was travling to take a letter somewhere and she was captured by the british knowing she was going to get captured by the bristh she merirized the letter and when she was captured when she was left alone she ate the letter and when they checked her they found nothing and let her go and she got the letter to where ever she had to take it. She was a spy in the Revolutionary War.

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What was a military job that impacted World War 2?

Nursing was very much impacted.

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The Vietnam War.

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How did the war impacted the women?

i love pie