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it was the time of World War 1 and world war 11

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Q: What was happening in history at the time of Surrealism?
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What period of Art History does Joan Miro belong to?

Modernism (Surrealism).

What time period did surrealism begin?


What is the timeframe of surrealism?

Surrealism grew out of the earlier art movement, Dada, in the 1920s.

What was happening in the history at the time of the blues?

the slave trade. thats all i could think of

When was History Is What's Happening created?

History Is What's Happening was created in 1982-03.

What is meant by dates and time in history?

In order to understand or record when something happened in the past, we assign a date and a time to the happening.

How do you spell surrealism?

Surrealism is correct. You got it right!

What has the author William Plank written?

William. Plank has written: 'Sartre and surrealism' -- subject(s): Art, Art and literature, Criticism and interpretation, France, History, Knowledge, Sartre, Jean Paul, 1905-1980, Surrealism

What has the author Robert Havard written?

Robert Havard has written: 'Lorca: Poet and Playwright' 'The Crucified Mind' 'Wellington's Welsh general' -- subject(s): Biography, Generals, History, Military, Military History 'Companion to Spanish surrealism' -- subject(s): Arts, Spanish, Spanish Arts, Surrealism

What does contemporary mean in history?

History that is happening now.

When was Manifestoes of Surrealism created?

Manifestoes of Surrealism was created in 1969.

What is the ISBN of Manifestoes of Surrealism?

The ISBN of Manifestoes of Surrealism is 0472061828.