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Nothing. The United Sates didn't exist until 1776.

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Jamaicans were slaves.

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The Witch Trials

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Q: What was happening in US history in 1685?
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What was happening in the 1685?

Bach was born

Who was the head of the navy in 1685?

The US did not have a Navy in 1685.

Who wrote History of the Pleas of the Crown?

Sir Mattew Hale in 1685

When was History Is What's Happening created?

History Is What's Happening was created in 1982-03.

What has the author Iris Morley written?

Iris Morley has written: 'A thousand lives' -- subject(s): History, Monmouth's Rebellion, 1685 'We stood for freedom' -- subject(s): Fiction, Monmouth's Rebellion, 1685

What does contemporary mean in history?

History that is happening now.

What else in history was happening when Wilhelm conrad roentgen was famous?

what else was happening in history when wilhelm conrad rontgen was famous

What was happening in America during Bach's time?

Not much ... Bach lived from 1685 to 1750. The Declaration of Independence wasn't signed until 26 years later, in 1776.

What is 1759 minus 1685?

1759 - 1685 = 74

How many revolutions are there in history?

France 1789, Russia 1917, US War of Independence 1777, Industrial UK 18 & 19th Century, Cultural in China 1960 to present, Glorius UK 1685,... I am sure there are more.

What was happening in the US during the Renaissance?

The United States did not exist during the Renaissance. The people here were the native Indians and they had little in the form of history.

Where are events happening for black history month?

no where