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Both exercised military and economic domination over colonial territories

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Q: How were the french and british similar in the tactics they used to control their empires in Asia?
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Why did Napoleon want to stop British goods from reaching Europe?

Napoleon was able to conquer continental Europe due to his superior army and tactics. However the French Navy was inferior to the British Navy so he could not easily invade and defeat Britain. Britain, meanwhile, was free to aid the enemies of Napoleon in Europe by subsidising them and sending them supplies. Napoleon attempted to destroy Britain by destroying its trade. He forbade any country under his control to trade with Britain or accept British goods. This would deprive the British of their revenue and, he hoped, force them to stop supporting his opponents in Europe. The strategy was ultimately unsuccessful.

Who was the leader of the Mensheviks and what were their tactics and goals?

Julius Martov was the first leader of the Mensheviks.

What was the main reason the Armada failed and why?

for me the main reason is the english had good tactics and scared the spanish into leaving

How long did William Wilberforce work on abolishing the slave trade?

It could be said that Wilberforce worked to abolish the slave trade for a good twenty years. In 1787, Wilberforce became leader of the parliamentary campaign of the Committee for the Abolition of the Slave Trade. Between 1789 and 1806, he attempted to pass numerous parliamentary bills against the slave trade, but was unsuccessful each time, as many of the members of parliament stood to profit from their own indirect involvement in the trade. It was not until 1806, when a change of tactics was suggested by maritime lawyer James Stephen, that Wilberforce achieved some success in his goal. The change of tactics involved introducing a bill to ban British subjects from aiding or participating in the slave trade to the French colonies. It was a smart move, as the majority of the ships were flying American flags, though manned by British crews and sailing out of Liverpool. The Foreign Slave Trade Act was quickly passed and the tactic proved successful. The final passing of Wilberforce's successful Abolition Bill occurred on 23 February 1807. The Slave Trade Act received the royal assent on 25 March 1807. This Act did not free those who were already slaves; it was not until 1833 that an act was passed giving freedom to all slaves in the British empire.

How is the Boer war connected to first world war?

A lot of the military tactics developed in the Boer War were used in the Great War eg trench warfare. Love Samantha Ellis

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How did the french and British differ in the tactics they used to control empires in Asia?

The British ruled directly over their colonies, while the French did not.

Gunpowder empires were empires that?

Gunpowder empires were empires that focused the bulk of their army and military tactics on the use of gunpowder and guns. Most of the warfare that they went into was accomplished from afar.

How did the French and British differ in the tactics they used to control their empires in Asia?

The British ruled directly over their colonies, while the French did not.

What are the tactics in samurai warriors 2 empires?

Chins up trousers down.

How did the patriots beat the British?

The use of nontraditional military tactics helped the patriots defeat the British. The British were not accustomed to the guerrilla tactics and were taken by surprise.

How did the British build up the British empire?

The British Empire became so powerful because of cunning tactics, like setting up a small trading colony in India (east India company) and gradually growing until they end up in control. Not all of there colonies where gained though cunning tactics though, After WW1 in the Treaty of Versailles all German colonies were handed to Britain as a punishment for Germany. But conflict was used before WW1 as well like when the British fought the French for control of Canada, the British won.

Why was it so easy for the Romans to control Britain?

Because the Romans had better tactics,better army,better equipment than the Celts(British). This means they won lots of battles.

What did the Mogul forces confronted the invading British forces with?

Guerrilla Tactics

What countries did Germany own after the Battle of Britain?

The British empire remained intact after the Battle of Britain but only because Germany changed their tactics and attacked Russia instead. If Britain had lost the entire British empire would have fallen under German control.

How were Adolf Hitler's tactics similar to those of Hitler's?

clarity please.

What are types of slave control used in the British Caribbean?

In the British Caribbean, types of slave control included physical punishments such as whipping, branding, and mutilation; psychological tactics like fear and intimidation; social control through separation of families and groups; and legal measures to restrict movement, education, and rights of slaves.

How did the patriot fighting tactics differ from those of the british in the west and south?