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Upper Class girls where chosen, by there family, only the richest could decide.

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Q: How were the husbands of upper class girls chosen?
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How were the husbands of upper class girls in Tudor times?

Husbands were chosen by parents.

How were the husbands of upper class girl chosen in Tudor time?

Husbands were chosen by parents.

How were the upper class girls chosen?

They were not chosen they were born into the position.

How were the husbands of upper class Tudor girls chosen?

They were chosen by their parents, they usually selected a rich man, whom they deemed suitable.

How are the husbandsof upper class girls chosen?

Usually by association with people of the same class system. They are invited to functions, parties and other social events frequented by people of similar upbringings.

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Who was chosen to be the represent of the upper class of roman citizens?


Did the women and children from the upper class evacuate first from the titanic?

Some but not all would leave their husbands and others didn't believe it. :)

How did upper class families find a husband for their daughters in Elizabethan times?

Usually by personal family connections. It was not unusual fron family marriages to occur. Most marriages were for convenience or to increase the family status rather than for love. Count Kryzal

Did girls have education 400 years ago?

Hardly. At the time there were some enlightened upper-class parents who allowed their daughters to take part in their brothers' home schooling, but it would take until the late 19th century for women to be admitted to universities. 400 years ago girls were educated for the life that was ahead of them, which was mostly marriage and running their husbands' household.

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Upper class.

What is a debutante ball?

A debutante ball is a formal dance where young girls " come out " in society . This is not much in fasion anymore, with the exception of the upper clasees . It is meant for the girls to meet new friends, and frankly , to scout suitable potential husbands.