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Unhappiness with current political structures and lack of freedom caused many of the 1848 European upheavals. Issues with existing monarchies also played a part in these events.

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Q: Importance Factors 1848 revolution
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What was the revolution in Germany that occurred in 1848 called?

March Revolution

The revolution of 1848 in France ultimately resulted in?

The French Revolution of 1848 ultimately resulted in the creation of the French Second Republic. This is also referred to as the February Revolution.

What did the revolution of 1848 have in common?


What are the release dates for The California Revolution of 1848 - 1911?

The California Revolution of 1848 - 1911 was released on: USA: 6 October 1911

How was the french revolution of 1848 really two revolution?

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When did the German revolution begin?

In March of 1848.

What was the cause of the Sicilian revolution of 1848?

to be free

The beginning and the end of the July revolution?

1848 1993

What was the Result of french revolution in 1848?

The French won.

What was the result of the french revolution 1848?

The French won.

What contributed to 1848 Paris's abysmal conditions?

The French Revolution contributed greatly to Paris's abysmal conditions in 1848. The conflict lasted from the 23rd February of 1848 to the 2nd of December 1848.

What has the author Wolfram Siemann written?

Wolfram Siemann has written: 'Die deutsche Revolution von 1848/49 / Wolfram Siemann' -- subject(s): History 'The German revolution of 1848-49' -- subject(s): History 'Die deutsche Revolution von 1848/49' -- subject(s): History