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Q: In 1827 what did Sir Frederick Augustine Abel discover?
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Sir Frederick Augustus Abel famous statement?

Sir Frederick Augustine Abel was a English Chemist who was born in London on the 17th of July 1827

When was Frederick Abel born?

Frederick Abel was born on 1827-07-17.

When did Frederick Abel die?

Frederick Abel died on 1902-09-06.

St. Augustine's thoughts on the descendants of Abel?

There are several saints named Augustine. Please be specific.

What has the author Carl Frederick Abel Pantin written?

Carl Frederick Abel Pantin has written: 'Notes on microscopical technique for zoologists' -- subject(s): Microscopy, Technique

When did Abel Tasman discover the the tasman sea?


When did Abel Tasman discover the Fijian islands?


When did Abel Tasman discover Australia?

Abel Tasman did not discover Australia. Abel Tasman only discovered the island that he named Van Diemen's land (now the state of Tasmania) in 1642. The first known European to discover Australia was Willem Jansz, who landed on the shores of Cape York Peninsula in 1606.

Who was the first Europeans to discover Kenya?

abel janszoon tasman

When did Abel Tasman discover nz?

13th December 1642.

What year did Abel Tasman discover Fiji islands?


When did Abel Tasman discover Van Diemen's Land?

Abel Tasman discovered and named Van Diemen's land (now Tasmania) in 1642.