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The Mississippi River

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Q: In 1890 the largest areas of high population densities were found along what body of water?
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How was African life before the Europeans?

Africa had some really developed civilizations, kingdoms, and societies. The areas of trade which often had high population densities were exploited and dominated by Europeans once they realized that they could do so.

Why the government of a country may discourage migration to urban areas?

Because of an already high population.

Where do most of the people in North America live today?

up and down both coasts and around the Great Lakes.

Area of Czechoslovakia with a large ethnic German population?

The areas close to the borders with Germany and Austria had a large German speaking population and were referred to as the Sudetenland. In addition, there were significant ethnic German populations in all the main Czech cities.

What country is the most powerful in the whole world?

The U.S. has the largest military in the world and it is the wealthiest.------------Depending on the criteria you use it could be USA, China, or Russia. According to the Composite Index of National Capability, China is the most powerful country in the world as of this year. This is calculated using the following equation:Is taken as a ratio of the country to the world. The following rations are added together and divided by 6 to get the average ratio.TPR = total population of country ratioUPR = urban population of country ratioISPR = iron and steel production of country ratioECR = primary energy consumption ratioMER = military expenditure ratioMPR = military personnel ratioHowever, China's massive population aids them in overtaking the U.S with a larger total population, urban population, and military personnel. Also the U.S does not produce as much iron and steel as it used to, it imports. USA wins in the military expenditure, primary energy consumption areas.

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In population distribution what part does natural resources?

Most areas that are rich in resources have the higher population densities.

In southeast Asia the highest population densities are found in which land use areas?


Where is densely population?

Singapore and Hong Kong are the most densely populated regions on earth. Both areas have population densities of over 6000 people per square kilometer.

What is the population density of areas along the Amazon River?


Why do people live on plateau?

I guess you mean on the Mexican Central Plateau. It has temperate climates, unlike the scorching deserts to the north and the tropical areas along the coasts. It also has rich volcanic soils, allowing better crop production and increased population densities.

What really means the perihilar areas with some nodular densities?

my daugther chest xray found that her chest xray results that there are densities in the perihilar areas with some nodular densities within. and it consider a primary koch's infection

In what areas do most inhabitants of the UAE live?

In towns and cities, population density and development is higher along the coastal areas.

Where are most of Argentina's population clustered in?

Most of Argentina's population is clustered in the cities with the ten largest metropolitan areas accounting for half of the population.

How is the population distributed in South America?

It is distributed mainly along the coastal areas of the continent.

What is the largest maritime province?

New Brunswick

How do population densities of Europe and russia compare?

Part of Russia (west of the Ural Mountains) is in Europe. The Asian part of Russia to the east has large areas of sparse population. So, on average, Europe is probably quite a bit denser.

What is the region in Canada with the most population?

why are the southernmost regions of canada the most populated