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It is the highest rank in the hierarchy.

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Q: In Mulan where does the emperor rank in ancient China's social hierarchy?
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What is the hierarchy in ancient Egypt?

A hierarchy is the social system in ancient Egypt

What is the highest social class in ancient japan?

emperor and shoguns

How did religious beliefs affect government or social hierarchy in ancient china?


Does Inca have a social hierarchy system?

Yes, the Inca Empire had a social hierarchy system that was based on a class structure with the emperor at the top, followed by nobles, priests, craftsmen, and farmers. Social status was largely determined by birth and was reinforced through economic, political, and religious structures.

Was there social hierarchy in ancient Greek society and daily life are still found in your modern society?

yes there was

Who had the highest position in the social hierarchy?

Kings, emperors, or pharaohs typically held the highest position in the social hierarchy in many ancient civilizations. They were considered the ultimate authority and often had divine status or were seen as intermediaries between the people and the gods.

What was the social structure in ancient Songhai?

In ancient Songhai, the social structure was hierarchical, with the emperor at the top followed by nobles, scholars, and artisans. Below them were farmers and laborers, and at the bottom were slaves. Social status was largely determined by birth, occupation, and wealth.

How did religion reinforce the society hierarchy of Europeans societies?

during the Roman Empire, constantine, who was the emperor of the empire, had a major impact on Christianity because he was christian. religion is always associated with the social world. as for the hierarchy bishops, priests, ministers, apostles all were important and then came the military or the common peoples

What was the caste system influenced by?

The caste system in India was influenced by factors such as religion, social hierarchy, and economic structure. It was also shaped by the need for social organization and division of labor in ancient Indian society.

What is the system of social ranks?


What is the change in one's position in a social hierarchy refers to?

The change in one's position in a social hierarchy refers to social mobility. This can occur either upward or downward, impacting an individual's social status and opportunities.

What is a social class in which it is impossible to move up the social hierarchy?