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Q: In medieval Europe law and order were maintained by whom?
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In what ways did the lives of medieval lives differ?

From what or whom?

To whom does a lady in waiting in the medieval society answer to?

The Queen

Jupiters moon Europe is named after whom?


How many people went to medieval banquets?

Three. Three people went to medieval banquets. Just three. One of whom was executed for entertainment.

Who developed calculus in Europe by whom?

gottfried leibniz

Whom did medieval doctors look to for information?

To heal the sick just like they do today.

What is a Tennant in Chief?

In medieval Europe Tenant-in-Chief was a person who held all his lands and estates under a land tenure directly from the King or ruler to whom he pledged allegiance. A tenant-in-chief did not hold his lands from any other noble man.

What does the word feudalism means?

It comes from the Latin word related to a "fiefdom," the residence or the estate owned by a medieval Lord. "Feudal" is the adjectival form of "feudalism," describing a system that existed in Europe during the Middle Ages, when powerful and wealthy Lords who owned large estates and lands maintained control over various subordinates. These subordinates, called vassals, pledged their loyalty to a Lord and received his protection in return for their service to him.

Whom were the freed people of Europe?

easerians were they bought left

Where were Rockets first used in Europe and by whom?

It was used all around Europe as a test to see if it worked or not.

In medieval times serfs were the responsibility of whom?

Serf is another word for slave so they were owned by the nobility.

Whom defeated who in the war eastern Europe?

The Russians defeated the Germans .