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The Rise of Nations.

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Q: In what time period Russia expanded east and south conquering new lands?
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What cause the rise of the roman empire?

Rome began conquering other countries' lands and by this they expanded their Empire.

During the period 1845-1918 the US expanded into?

Lands west of the Mississippi

What was aleander the great goal as he was conquering lands?

To move into one of the lands

How did Justinian expand the Byzantine Empire?

Justinian expanded the Byzantine Empire through means of war and the conquering other lands. The additions of the former Roman provinces of Italia, Baetica, and Africa Proconsularis expanded the Byzantine Empire to it's largest point in history.

Why were the Vikings famous?

for conquering lands & capturing villages.

How did the Aztecs become so powerful?

by conquering other lands

How did the Ottoman gain land for their empire?

The Ottoman Empire expanded by conquering territory from neighboring states. In some cases, such as the Byzantine Empire (and all of its Despotates), the Sultante of Rum, the Empire of Trebizond, the Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt, and several Balkans States, were entirely consumeed by the Ottoman Empire. Others such as the Hungarian Empire and Romania were not entirely conquered but lost some lands.

In what areas did Russia expand nd how was it accomplished?

After Mongol control was lost, Moscow gained territory from the borders of Polish-Lithuanian Kingdom to the Ural mountains. They also pushed southward toward the Caspian Sea, and when these lands were secured, they pushed into western Siberia. These lands were conquered by Russian peasants, or cossacks, settling in the new lands.

Why did some Americans in the southwest call for the reparation of Mexican immigrants?

Because the southwest originally was part of Mexico. By conquering such territories, many of these people were swiftly sacked from their lands.

What were Alexander the great achievements?

Alexander the greats achievements were conquering other lands and to have war

What were Alexander's great achievements?

Alexander the greats achievements were conquering other lands and to have war

Why did Europeans believe they were justified in conquering other lands?

They believed this was a form of exploration and bringing civilisation to uncharted and ungoverned lands with no apparent organisation.