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In as much as the original intent of the navigation act was to monopolize shipping trade by the English, the colonies enjoyed some benefits too. The privilege and protection that came with being an English colony was one of them. The fact that colonial vessels flew the British flag meant protection for them in the high seas whenever they are in trouble. The colonial vessels were able to trade widely in the world as long as their products were desired they were able to sell and make money. It also meant that the colonies were able to boost their ship building industry. These are some of the benefits.

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Q: In what way was the navigation system good for the colonies?
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By comparing the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 with the system by which Great Britain governed her colonies it would be most accurate to say that the British system was?

adopted for the intermediate stage of territorial development which would give way to statehood in the third stage.

Why did joint stock companies rather then private individuals start colonies?

A joint stock was used because a single person may have fallen out with bankruptcy at anytime during the early american days and was a good way for companies looking for good cheap money to make some. Businesses today take businesses ventures.

Why did so many European Nations acquire colonies in Africa between 1870-1914?

This practice of having colonies was called Imperialism and there were several reasons for it. This was durinbg the time of industrialization, when nations were building factories and mass-producing things. Colonies were a way to get cheap natural resources and cheap labor. They also created new markets for selling the things that the factories produced. More than just an econimic issue, colonies were a badge of status. The more colonies a nation had, the more powerful it was. It was basically a competition between the nations.

Significance of townshend acts?

The significance of the Townshend Act is that it established non-importation agreements that quickly spread throughout the colonies. British trade soon dried up and the powerful merchants of Britain once again interceded on behalf of the colonies.

What caused European powers to give up their colonies after World War 2?

The European powers were devastated by WW II and it took years to rebuild their economies and infrastructure (with the help of the US). They were in no condition to control a colonial empire. In addition, the European colonies had also been affected by the war and no longer believed the mythology about the superiority and advantages of European culture and civilization, which had brough the world to such disaster. WW II was very educational, and the colonies were not about to just go back to the way things used to be.

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How did the Navigation Acts ensure that only England benefited from trade with the colonies?

Because of the triangle trade route t got in the way.

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Were the Navigation Acts were helpful to the colonists?

The Navigation Acts were a series of laws imposed by Britain on its American colonies. Its main purpose was to restrict colonial trade in order to prevent the colonies from smuggling goods from other countries. All goods that were traded with the colonies had to be sent to a British port before being sent to the colonies. That way, the British could tax the goods and they could make sure that nothing was being smuggled into the colonies. The colonists were unhappy with the laws and tensions quickly emerged.

Why were colonies important in the mercantilist system?

The mercantilist system was when the English (and other countries) were expanding and looking for more income or revenue, and founding colonies was a very key way to do that.

What did the plantation system develop in the south?

Many of the Colonies had paid some good money to set-up colonies for profit-making purposes; and they began to favor slave labor as a way of maximizing their profits after deciding what crops to grow.

What development the plantation system in the South?

Many of the Colonies had paid some good money to set-up colonies for profit-making purposes; and they began to favor slave labor as a way of maximizing their profits after deciding what crops to grow.

What did the colonies of the American south to copy for their way of life?

The class system of England and Europe

What did the colonies of the American south copy for their way of life?

The class system of England and Europe