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The accepted date is 1721, when Robert Walpole became Prime Minister.

The position of Prime Minister was not created; it has evolved slowly and erratically over three hundred years. Its origins are found in constitutional changes that occurred during the Revolutionary Settlement (1688-1720) and the resulting shift of political power from the Sovereign to Parliament. Early Prime Ministers (1720-1784) were at best ambivalent about that description; many refused to acknowledge or use the title. The position was given little formal recognition and was not mentioned in legal documents. Between 1784 and 1911, numerous accidents of history and political developments led to unofficial but popular acceptance of the office. By the 1830s, the Prime Minister became "first among equals" in the Cabinet and Head of Her Majesty's Government. By the turn of the 20th century, the modern Premiership had emerged; it had become the preeminent position in the constitutional hierarchy vis-a-vis the Sovereign, Parliament and Cabinet. Early in the century, legislation marginalized the influence of the House of Lords in the law-making process and indirectly enhanced the Prime Minister's power, giving rise to concerns that the office had become too "presidential". Later, however, several acts and political changes placed some limits on the Premier's authority. (Source wikipedia)

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Q: In which year did Great Britain get its first Prime Minister?
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Margaret Thatcher served as Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1979 until 1991. She was Great Britain's first female Prime Minister.

Who was the first women prime minister of Great Britain?

Margaret ThatcherMargaret Thatcher.

What country was Margaret Thatcherthe first female Prime Minister?

Great Britain

Who was the first president of Great Britain?

There are no presidents in Great Britain, but there are Prime Ministers. The first Prime Minister was Sir Robert Walpole in 1721.

Who was the first woman to be elected prime minister in Great Britain?

In Canada, the first female Prime Minister was elected in 1993.

1979 MTFFPM in GB?

Margaret Thatcher first female Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Who is quoted as saying WE are part of Great Britain the most loyal part of Great Britain?

It was James Craig, first Prime Minister of Northern Ireland

Who was the first foreign dinitary to be hosted at Camp David?

Prime Minister Winston Churchill of Great Britain.

Who was the first woman to become prime minister of great Britain until her defeat in 1990?

Margaret Thatcher

Is the first minister of Scotland also the prime minister?

The first minister of Scotland is different from the Prime Minister. As Scotland is technically not it's own nation, it's ruled under the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the title "Prime Minister" goes to Gordon Brown. Donald Dewar became what is officially known as the First Minister in Scotland in 1999.

What is the first name of Mr Churchill the prime Minister of Great Britain during the world war 2?


Who was Britain's first woman prime minister?

Margret Thatcher,