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BANSAL IS subcaste of agarwals which is indian upper and richest caste.. having strong contribution in India..

Bansal the sub caste of Ramgria doesn't comes under schedule caste..They are also known as dhiman brahmins...they are followers of Vishwakarma and hold the position equal to that of Brahmins.

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ok what do you know

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Most of the political minded twitterati jumped by coining a term fake sister or fake bhabhi in the Hathrus case. The woman facing controversy is reported Rajkumari Bansal, she belongs to dalit or SC

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the answer is posted by me; due to technical glitche is posted as anonymous.

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Q: Is Bansal sub caste of Ramgria is scheduled caste?
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What caste are surname jakhu?

Jakhu is a sub-caste under scheduled castes

Which is caste parihar?

Parihar is a sub-caste and used by scheduled caste people, rajputs, muslims and jats also.......

What is the age limit for sub inspector for scheduled caste IN AP?

it is 60 years i guess

What is the caste and sub-caste of surname nagothakar?

It is a scheduled caste name, from the Chambhar community. Chambhars are shoemakers/tanners, a subgroup of the larger Dhangar community that can be considered "shudras".

Are Vaishya Vani comes under schedule caste?

No, Vaishya Vani does not fall under the Scheduled Caste category in India. Scheduled Castes are specific caste groups recognized by the Indian government for affirmative action and social welfare programs based on historical discrimination and social exclusion. Vaishya Vani is primarily a sub-caste of the Vaishya community.

Would chuhadia surname come under scheduled caste?

The classification of surnames into Scheduled Castes (SC) or other categories can vary by region and sub-caste. The best way to determine the specific classification of the surname Chuhadia would be to refer to official government records or consult with a local authority on caste classification.

Does bharti come uneder scheduled caste?

No, Bharti is not a specific caste listed under the Scheduled Castes category in India. Scheduled Castes refer to specific castes that are historically disadvantaged and have been officially recognized for affirmative action programs.

Rohilla is the sub caste of Raj-put or not.?

yes it is a sub caste of rajputs...

Is dasgupta a schedule caste in Bengali?

No, Dasgupta is not a scheduled caste in Bengali. It is called 'Baidya' caste (Baidya means Physician). Baidyas are Brahmins, but they were not allowed to do priestly works since they used treat all kind of people. Hence they were branched as sub castes of Brahmin.

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Is sarkar surname belong to schedule caste in west Bengal?

No.Sarkar Surname Is Not.They Are A Sub Section Of Kshatriya Thakurs From The Bengal Province(Modern-day Indian state of West Bengal & Bangladesh).