Is Boer indirect or direct rule?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Boer republics were under direct rule

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Q: Is Boer indirect or direct rule?
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Did the Belgian Congo have direct rule or indirect rule?

indirect rule

How are indirect and direct rule different?

Direct rule refers direct control as regards administration whereas indirect rule means self-governing.

Is Angola a direct rule or indirect rule?

Angola was under direct rule by Portugal until it gained independence in 1975.

Did Singapore colonizers use direct or indirect rule?

Signapore colonizers used indirect rule. :)

Did Britain use direct or indirect rule against china?


Did Somalia colonizers use direct or indirect rule?


Did the colonist use direct or indirect rule to govern Indonesia?

direct pooop

What were the different motivations behind direct and indirect rule?

with direct rule the colonizing established a completely new governmental administration for its colony.under indirect rule the colonizing country ruled through traditional local leaders.

What is the difference between direct democracy and indirect democracy?

direct democracy is when each person rules and indirect is when people vote for people who rule.

What are the differences between direct and indirect rule?

Direct rule involves the colonial power governing the colony directly through its own officials and institutions, while indirect rule involves governing through local leaders and existing tribal structures. Direct rule is more centralized and involves greater control by the colonial power, while indirect rule allows for more local autonomy and collaboration with indigenous authorities.

Was direct rule only practiced by the English?

No. The other European nations that were colonizing Europe were practicing direct rule whereas the English practiced indirect rule.

Did France have a indirect or direct rule?

The French used direct rule to govern Vietnam.