Is Kamboj is jatt

Updated: 8/19/2023
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yes, kamboj or kamboj jatt. Kambojs are part of jatts “jatt” isn’t a caste more of ethnic thing, But even in caste kamboj is part of jatt and ethnic thing, people have their own views but in terms of real thing, kambojs are part of jatt therefore called kamboj jatt or they call themselves only kamboj.

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Kamboj is an agricultural community across India, found in UP, Punjab and Haryana states mainly.

They are NOT JATTS. They have come from originally Indo Iranian Clan.

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Q: Is Kamboj is jatt
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What caste is kamboj?

Kambo or kamboj are jatt caste

Is thandi a jatt surname?

Yes,Thandi is Jatt Sikh, but Thind is Kamboj

Is jammu surname which cast?

Dont campare kamboj with jatts.jatts are considered shudra in varna where as kamboj are kshatriya and kamboj have their history from later vedic kamboj have a glorious history where as jatt came in existence from the period they adopted sikhism so dont compare kamboj with jatt

Is purba a jatt last name?

yes, purba s are jatt . they are from kamboj community... and kamboj are jatt thind ............. kamboj like Sardar Bhagat Singh & Shaheed udham Singh ARE kamboj and they said to be jatt........... I just wanna interrupt you my dear friend ,as you seem to b little bit ignorant in term of history yes indeed you were right in case of Shaheed udham singh ,that he was a Kamboj Sikh butt he was not from Jatt clan, & shaheed bhagat singh was from jatt clan Sandhu. & kamboj are not Jatt ....ok morever don't compare them with Thind Jatt clan its meaningless.

Are mehrok jatt Sikhs?

yes they are pure jatt sikhs as most of the mand's are from majha

Is turna is a jatt Sikh caste?

No. Turna is a Kamboj Sikh caste.

Is josan a Sikh jatt caste?

Yes josan is jatt belongs to jat clan found in multan in todays pakistan. Eventhought some or rare amount of josan also belongs to Kamboj Society

Is josan is a jatt Sikh cast?

No, josan a Kaboj sikh caste

Is josan a jatt sir name?

Yes josan's are jatts. And usually own more property than most jatt's

When was Ved Prakash Kamboj born?

Naresh Kamboj was born on 1964-05-27.

What are all the kamboj last names?

Turna Chandi Chathrath Nanda Kamboj

Is kamboh are chammar?

Kamboh are not totally considered as chamar but they are also belong to the backward class agriculture caste but as non jatt . Kamboh can easily assimilated with Chamar than to jatt. inter caste marriages between kamboh and Chamar are common in Punjab and Haryana