Is the Grey Lady real

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There are many things that have the name of 'The Grey Lady'- it is a nickname used for The New York Times and also for Nantucket Island, as well as for submarine periscopes. Obviously, all of these things exist!!

'Grey Ladies' in popular fiction include a character in the Ghostbusters film, a character from a TV film called The Good Witch made by Hallmark, and the name given to the character of Helena Ravenclaw in the Harry Potter books and films. None of these are real, they are just fictional characters.

However, there are four well-known ghosts who are known as The Grey Lady who haunt famous buildings in the United Kingdom. One such haunts Glamis Castle in Scotland, ancenstral home of the late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, and is believed to be a former Lady of the Manor called Margaret Douglas.

Rufford Old Hall, in the county of Lancashire, is haunted by a Grey Lady who is said to be the ghost of none other than Queen Elizabeth 1st.

The ruins of Denbigh Castle, in Denbighshire in North Wales are said to be haunted by a Grey Lady who's identity is obscure.

The George Inn in the Hertfordshire town of Bishops Stortford is reputedly haunted by a ghost known as The Grey Lady, believed to be the spirit of an early Victorian traveller who was murdered by a burglar on the balcony of her hotel room. The room and balcony still exist, but the latter has now been permanently sealed up since 1970, when a young couple staying in the room were visited by the apparition.

As to whether any of these ghosts really exist, who can say?! It depends upon how much you believe in the Supernatural.

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Q: Is the Grey Lady real
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