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The LeapPad Explorer Tablet was actually created with kids in mind, and it is designed to teach children educational subjects like math and science. It can be purchased at online retailers like Amazon.

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Q: Is the LeapPad Explorer Tablet good for my kid?
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What is the age range for a Leappad 2?

The age range for the popular kid's tablet, Leappad 2, which is manufactured by LeapFrong, ranges from the age of three (youngest) to the age of nine (oldest).

Are kids android tablet available online?

Kid's android tablets are available to purchased online. There are many available such as the LeapFrog LeapPad and they can be bought online from both eBay and Amazon.

What would be a good tablet computer to buy for a six year old?

Leapfrog sells great fun and educational tablets for kids. You can chose from three tablets - LeapPad Ultra (age range 4-9yrs), LeapPad2 Power (3-9yrs) and LeapPad 2 (3-9yrs). With these tablets your kid can take photos or videos, use Art studio for drawings, read e-books etc.

How a kid will use tablet PC?

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Is a LeapFrog LeapPad a good present for a five year old?

The recommended age on this toy is 4 to 8 years, so it's very suitable for a bright five year old child. It comes with a number of preinstalled applications for your kid too.

What are good learning systems for five year olds?

A great new product for young kids is LeapPad. This learning system can be tailored to your kid's age and or learning abilities. The product is developed by the company LeapFrog. LeapFrog has won numerous awards in the education sector.

Would a Tabeo e2 or a normal Samsung tablet be best for a bright six year old?

The Tabeo e2 Kid's tablet is perfect for a six year old child. It comes preloaded with thirty kid-friendly apps and custom parental controls so parents can easily monitor what their children are doing on the tablet. The Samsung tablet could be a good choice if it will be used for other members in the family. The Tabeo e2 is an exellent choice for a smart six year old child.

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