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Of course not. it was a disgrace. im sick of british people saying Amritsar was wrong but the rest was great. that's lies. there were hundreds of massacers, and genocides worse than amritsar. life is life and you killed millions theres no excuse for that. im shocked that your sayingit was the closest thing to world dominination ever. world domination is an awful thing. its fundamentaly wrong. Britain needs to forget its empire, and accept it was awful. move on and maybe you will no longer be one of the most hated countries in the world

We gave the world railways, cricket and football (soccer) that's something to be proud of and if the British Empire was so terrible why does the Commonwealth still exist?

The way we went around in gaining land in the delevopment of the British Empire was socially and morally wrong. However the benefits we bought to many countries after invading them actually in many cases did help them. As the above answers have said we have given the world cricket, railways and british culture. If the world still remembers us for the mistakes we made 100 years ago they are immature.

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For who to be proud of? I don't think anyone alive today had much to do with it so nobody has any reason to be proud really.

Whether it was good for the world though- yeah, overall it was. It greatly helped push forward the world into the modern age.

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i think the British empire is good and bad. The good reasons because it made money and we got more materials and traded things. However i think it was bad people we were stealing things; taking slaves from there families and giving them a hard life

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Q: Is the british empire an empire to be proud of?
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