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yes, it is. The very map to cibola(7 cities of gold). There is a portrait of Francisco coranado with his wood cross.They say he lost it when he fell off his horse during his second expidition.

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Q: Is the cross of coronado real or not?
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Is coranados cross from Indiana Jones real?

The actual Cross of Coronado exists. In 1520, Hernando Cortes gave it to Fransisco Coronado; proof that he was sent to find the Seven Cities of Gold. Of course the real one wasn't used in the movie.

What did Francisco Vasquez de Coronado contribute to modern life?

Coronado has two main things he did for modern life. First, Coronado island (which is actually a peninsula), near San Diego, is named after him. Also, Coronado is mentioned in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. At the beginning Indy is fighting for a silver cross called Coronado's cross. The ship he goes on to fight for the cross is also called The Coronado.

Does the cross of Coronado exist?

The Cross of Coronado is a fictional artifact that appears in the movie "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade." It does not exist in reality.

Who is the top sales agent at Coronado Real Estate?

The top sales agent is Meridith Metzger. She has expertise in Coronado Real Estate and as a Board of Director for the Coronado Association of Realtors, a prestigious company to go with real estate in Coronado.

Which ocean did Francisco Coronado cross?

The Atlantic Ocean.

On what site can you buy a home located in Coronado?

Homes located in Coronado, California can be found on websites such as: Trulia, Realtor, Zillow, Coronado Island Homes and Coronado Island Real Estate For Sale.

Was anything named after Francisco Vásquez de Coronado if so what?

Coronado National Memorial near Sierra Vista, Arizona. Coronado Bridge, San Diego. Coronado Heights, Lindsborg, Kansas, Coronado High Schools in Lubbock, Texas, El Paso, Texas, and in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Coronado Road in Phoenix, Arizona.

What did Francisco Vásquez de Coronado learn?

That the city of gold is NOT REAL

Where was the first Christian service held in North America?

Coronado Cross in Ford county Kansas.

On the cover of California Driver Handbook 2009 what is the name of that Bridge the river that it cross and what city is it located in?

It's in San Diego, and the Coronado Bridge (officially called the San Diego-Coronado Bridge).

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What is the plural form of Coronado?

The plural form of the proper noun Coronado is Coronados(the Coronado family or the Coronado Islands).