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John Cabot

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Q: Italian sea captain who sailed for England in 1497?
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Which explorer was Italian but sailed for England and reached Canada in 1497?

Giovanni Caboto.

An Italian named Giovanni Caboto was sponsored buy England and sailed under the name of what?

Giovanni Caboto was an Italian explorer commissioned by Henry VII of England in 1497. He sailed under the name John Cabot.

Who sailed in 1497?

Many nations were represented by the many explorers who sailed in 1497.

Which English explored sailed to the new world in 1497 and claimed the territory for England?

John Cabot

What country paid Italian navigator and explorer John Cabot for his 1497 discoveries in North America?

John Cabot sailed under King Henry VII of England, so the King would have paid him.

What country did cabot sail for?

John Cabot was an Italian navigator and explorer who sailed for England.

Who did Sebastian cabot sail for?

Sebastian Cabot sailed for England, and King Henry VII. Cabot's ship, the Mathew, sailed from Bristol with a crew of eighteen in 1497.

How many years did john Cabot explore?

John Cabot explored for a total of two years. Cabot was born in 1450 and he died in 1499. He sailed to Canada in 1497. He sailed to England next where he died. He claimed land for England.

Who sailed to the West Indies and south America in 1497?


What year did John Cabot start his first voyage?

John Cabot sailed on his first voyage in approximately May 1497.

Did vasco da gama sail to India in 1497?

no he sailed in 1481

When did john Cabot leave for his journey?

John Cabot's ship, the Matthew, left Bristol, England during May of 1497. During this voyage he discovered Newfoundland and Labrador and several other outlying areas that eventually became part of Canada.