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If this is for study island, the answer is monarchy.

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Q: King George III's government was an example of what type of government?
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What was King George the IIIs career?

He was king of England during the time of the Declaration of Independence.

Who was the head of state in England in 1818?

His Majesty King George III, by the grace of God King of Great Britain from 1760 to 1820. Does the Regency ( Due to the Kings insanity) make George IIIs son, the Prince of Wales, subsequently King George IV, Head of State ?

What claims is Jefferson making on the basis that king George's government has not fulfilled the purpose of government?

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When was Edward III king of England?

Edward l reigned for 35 years,from Nov 20,1272 until July 7,1307.

How did King George change government in England?

he allwed tories into his inner circle

Who was the leader of the British government during American revolution?

King George III was the monarch of Great Britain during the Revolutionary War.

What province did King George III establish an arbitrary government?

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How did King George v rule?

He ruled mostly ceremonially, but he did have some things to do with the government.

What was the king name in 1770?

Which king is that? George III was the monarch of the British empire at the time, for example, while in France, Louis XV was king.

When was king George you king?

I am not King George.

Description of the cruel or unjust word government used against King George III?


What was the main government in the colonial times?

The king overruled, but after the American R. George w. was president