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Increased their land holdings gradually over a period of years.:):)

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Q: Kings of countries started out as feudal nobles who?
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At the end of the Middle Ages power shifted from Feudal Lords to?

Kings and Popes... I believe. (:

What two medieval society names?

feudal system or feudalism.

What does lay investure mean?

Lay investiture is (was) the appointment of bishops and other church officials by non-church authorities, like the feudal lord. the appointment of church officials by kings and nobles rather than by the pope

Why did townspeople conflict with feudal nobles?

There are not really that many cases of major conflicts between cities and feudal lords. Mostly this was because cities got all kinds of charters and right over time directly from kings that put them out of the grip of most feudal lords. They operated quite independently in terms of political and econonomic power from the feudal nobles who mostly had their power base in rural areas. If there were (mostly minor) clashes at all, it was usually about cities' rights and privileges or over the appointment of magistrates that the neighboring lord did not like.

What are the different types of nobles were there?

In medieval Europe, there were different types of nobles, such as monarchs (kings and queens), dukes and duchesses, earls and countesses, barons and baronesses, knights, and lords/ladies. These titles represented varying levels of social status, power, and land ownership within the feudal system.

What do medieval nobles do?

They help the kings...

How did kings get Nobles to support him under the rules of Feudalism?

Kings got nobles to support them by giving or promising something, usually land.

Is during the AD 800s the power in government transferred to nobles instead of kings true?

No. Nobles were kings so that makes your question false.

Who were occupants of a castle?

the king or nobles and knights and the servants plus family of the nobles and kings

Who we're the occupants of a castle?

the king or nobles and knights and the servants plus family of the nobles and kings

How did feudal lords obtain more land in the middle ages?

The king would give the lords more land while the lords added more knights to the kings army.

What were the responsibilities did lords in the feudal system?

The nobles had to give their kings oaths of loyalty and had to support the king with military assistance and taxes. They had to provide farming land and places to live to the serfs on their manors, along with protection. They had to support and obey the Church.