Louis riel's trial

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It was held in Regina, and he as sentenced to hang until he is dead because some people were hung, but they didn't die so he died. And there were 6 English speaking men which was really unfair to him but they didnt really care,and it was really hot and sweaty. There were witnesses, jury, prosecutor, don't know if they had the defence attorney or not and yeah..that's pretty much it if there's more, I'll post some mroe

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Q: Louis riel's trial
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How many people were at Louis riels trial?

There were eight members on the jury at Louis Riel's trial.

Why was Louis Riel guilty of treason I need a valid argument for a grade 8 Canadian history project it is for a mock trial of Louis riels trial i am the prosecutor against riel?

billy goat

When did Trial of Louis XVI happen?

Trial of Louis XVI happened in 1792.

How many days was Louis Riel on trial?

Riel's trial lasted five days.

What date did King Louis XVI trial begin?

King Louis XVI's trial for treason started around the middle of January, 1793 and ended when he was decapitated by the guillotine.

Who were the jurors in the Louis Riel trial?

There were six English-speaking jurors and six French-speaking jurors in the Louis Riel trial. They were selected from the population of the Northwest Territories.

Which king was put on trial?

king Louis xvi.

How long did Louis XVI's trial last?

King Louis XVI reigned from 1774 to 1793.

What was the metis perspective on the trial of Louis reil?

A travesty. It was a show trial. As a prisoner of war Riel should have never been subject to such a trial but then the winners get to write the history.

What has the author Louis Fondren written?

Louis Fondren has written: 'Mississippi criminal trial practice' -- subject(s): Criminal procedure 'Mississippi civil trial practice forms' -- subject(s): Forms, Civil procedure 'Fondren's Mississippi criminal trial practice forms' -- subject(s): Forms, Criminal procedure

Where did the trial of Louis Riel take place?

The trial of Louis Riel took place in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1885. Riel was charged with high treason for his role in the North-West Rebellion. He was ultimately found guilty and sentenced to death.

Why evidence was used against King Louis XVI during his trial?

The Rules of Evidence were not required and no proof of any crime was mandated.