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4 test memphis

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Memphis is the capital of lower Egypt!

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Q: Menes established the capital of lower Egypt at?
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How did Menes Unite Upper and Lower Egypt?

Question? Menes established the capital of Lower Egypt at _______. Answer: Memphis

Where did menes establish the capital of lower Egypt?

Menes established Memphis as the capital of Lower Egypt. Memphis was located on the Nile river just south-east of Cairo. Memphis had easy access to the Aegean sea.

Who was king Menes and what did he achieve?

King Menes, also known as Narmer, was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who is credited with the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt around 3100 BCE. He established the first dynasty of Egypt and founded the city of Memphis as its capital. Menes' unification of Egypt marked the beginning of the Old Kingdom period and laid the foundation for the long-lasting civilization of ancient Egypt.

Which place did King Menes make the capital of Egypt?

He made it in between lower Egypt and upper Egypt in the city know as Memphis

Did king Menes fight for lower Egypt?

King Menes did fight for Lower Egypt. He is the one who unified and ruled Upper and Lower Egypt.

Who united the upper and lower Egypt?

King Menes united upper and lower Egypt

Who owned Lower Egypt when King Menes united Egypt?

King Menes

How did Menes achieve to rule upper and lower Egypt?

Menes was a pharaoh of Upper and Lower Egypt

Who did Menes marry?

King menes married a princess from the lower Egypt.

What were the Capitals of Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt?

Before Menes married the princess of Lower Egypt, the capital of upper Egypt was Heirrakonpolh, and for lower Egypt was Heliopolis. After he unified the two kingdoms, the capital of Egypt became Memphis.

Who first united upper and lower Egypt?

Menes is the King who united Upper and Lower Egypt.

When did king Menes unit upper and lower Egypt?

3100 b.C