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Q: Most of the chola temples were dedicated to?
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What are the achievements of the chola king?

chola ruler,temples,local self goverment religious conditions etc.

Who built Dilwara Jain temples?

Chola Dynasty..

Where is chola temple situated?

The Chola temples are located in Tamil Nadu near Thanjavur. The most famous temple is the Brihadishwara temple. There are also others like the ones at Gangai Konda Cholapuram, the Airawatheshwara temple at Darasuram and more Manu

What where Ancient Japanese temples used for?

Most ancient Japanese temples are either Buddhist or Shinto temples. The Buddhist temples are shrines for meditation and focus to achieve an enlightened spirit. Shinto temples were sights dedicated to ancestor worship.

Where did the romans worshp their gods?

In the temples dedicated to them

What statues do they usually have at Hindu temples?

Most temples are dedicated to some particular deity depending on the choice or belief of the temple's builder or owner but some temples are dedicated to multiple deities. Statues of Lord Shiv, Krishn, Ram, Hanuman and Goddess Durga, Kali, Sharda & Saraswati are the ones i've seen the most but i've also some others.

The Dilwara Temples at Mount Abu are dedicated to?


What kind of temples are in Delos?

The most important temples of Delos were the three Apollo temples, close to the sacred harbour. They are the Poros-temple, the temple of the Athenians and the great Apollo temple. Next to these three was an Artemis temple. On the island a temple dedicated to Isis and one to Hera have been identified. On the Kynthos mountain was a temple dedicated to Zeus and Athena.

Why did the life of the people of the chola empire revolve around the temple?

The Chola empire was deeply rooted in Hinduism, with temples serving as centers of religious, cultural, and economic activities. People's lives revolved around the temple because it was not only a place of worship but also served as an economic hub, providing employment, education, and social services. Temples played a crucial role in the political and social fabric of the Chola society, with the rulers actively promoting temple construction and maintenance to solidify their power and maintain social order.

Where did ancient greeks worship?

Temples dedicated to specific gods or goddesses.

Where do ancient egyptians worship there gods?

temples dedicated to the certain god

What are facts about uranus the greek gods temple?

There were no temples dedicated to Ouranos.