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rajendra chola

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Q: Who is the sungam thavirtha chola?
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When was Virarajendra Chola born?

Virarajendra Chola was born in 1063.

Which chola king assumed the title of mummadi chola?


When did Virarajendra Chola die?

Virarajendra Chola died in 1070.

When was Rajadhiraja Chola born?

Rajadhiraja Chola was born in 1018.

When was Alex Chola born?

Alex Chola was born in 1956.

When did Alex Chola die?

Alex Chola died in 1993.

When did Arinjaya Chola die?

Arinjaya Chola died in 957.

When did Rajaditya Chola die?

Rajaditya Chola died in 949.

When did Chola dynasty end?

Chola dynasty ended in 1279.

When did Kulothunga Chola I die?

Kulothunga Chola I died in 1120.

Why was rajendra chola called Gangaikonda Chola?

Defeated Mahi Pala on the banks of River Ganga. Hence the name Gangaikona Chola.

Who was the chola king who brought ganga from north to south?

Raja Raja Chola