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Most of the raw materials that exchanged hands in the East African trade came from Africa.

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Q: Most of the raw materials that exchanged hands in the East African trade came from?
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What was the Atlantic triangle?

The Atlantic Triangle refers to the trade route during the colonial period involving Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Goods such as slaves, raw materials, and manufactured goods were exchanged between these regions, contributing to the economic development of Europe and the exploitation of African and indigenous populations.

What were the slaves exchanged for in americ?

trade goods for the salves trade

One way in which the silk roads and the west African trade routes are similar is that along both routes?

ideas were exchanged as merchants interacted with each other

How to Use triangular trade in a sentence?

Triangular trade was a historical trade route that connected Europe, Africa, and the Americas exchanging goods and slaves. An example sentence could be: "During triangular trade, European merchants would trade manufactured goods for African slaves, who were then transported to the Americas to be exchanged for raw materials like sugar and tobacco."

What goods were exchanged in the salt trade?

The only salt trade I know of is the one anciet Egypt, and in that case, gold was being exchanged for salt.

In the trade network what did the colonists provide?

Raw Materials

What is the entire african economy based on?

At present, the African economy is based on commodities and raw materials. Components of its economy include industry, agriculture, and trade.

How does the African slave trade work?

The African slave trade involved capturing Africans and transporting them across the Atlantic Ocean to be sold as slaves in the Americas. European traders exchanged goods for enslaved Africans, who were then forced to work on plantations and in mines. This brutal practice continued for centuries until it was eventually abolished.

What are some ways ideas were exchanged in ancient Greece?


Why were the Atlantic trade routes called the triangleualar trade?

The Atlantic trade routes were called the triangular trade because it involved three main stops or trading points: Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Goods like raw materials, slaves, and manufactured goods were exchanged among these regions in a triangular pattern.

What type of trade existed in Ancient Korea?

They exchanged goods for money.

What is the synonym of swapped?

Exchanged, traded, switched, substituted