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There are more than 50 islands in Bass Strait, but the two largest ones are King Island and Flinders Island. Flinders is part of a larger group of islands known as the Furneaux Group.

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Q: Name two large islands in that stretch of Bass Strait?
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What are the 2 islands in Bass Strait?

There are more than two islands in Bass Strait, but the two main ones are King Island and Flinders Island.

What stretch of water separates the Australian mainland from Tasmania?

The stretch of water which separates mainland Australia from Tasmania is Bass Strait. It was named after George Bass,the sea explorer who conclusively determined that Australia and Tasmania (then known as Van Diemen's Land) were separated by a strait.

What body of water separates Tasmania and the Australian mainland?

Bass Strait is the body of water which separates the island state of Tasmania from the mainland state of Victoria in Australia. It is named after explorer George Bass who determined conclusively that Tasmania (then Van Diemen's Land) was an island.

What is the stretch of the water that separates Victoria and Tasmania?

The body of water between Tasmania and the Australian mainland is called Bass Strait.

In which direction is Bass Strait from Melbourne?

Bass Strait is South of Melbourne.

What does Bass Strait separate Tasmania from?

Bass Strait separates Tasmania from the mainland Australia.

What is a natural narrow water region which separates a large land mass from a smaller one?

A strait, or straits, eg, the Straits of Gibraltar, the Bass Strait.

Which two Australian states are separated by Bass Strait?

Victoria and Tasmania are separated by Bass Strait.

What two states of Australia are separated by bass strait?

Victoria and Tasmania are separated by Bass Strait.

Approximately how far is it across bass strait?

It is approximately 240 km across Bass Strait

What are ten things you would never see in the Bass Strait?

Bearing in mind that Bass Strait is populated by just s few people living on a couple of islands, you would never see the following:snowvolcanic eruptionswhaling boatspuffinspolar bearspandasdesertstropical rainforestSturt's Desert Peacrocodiles

What is the strait between Australia and Tasmania?

Bass Strait.