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Nations discourage imports by tariffs or import duty which are special taxes on imports. If imports are actually fordidden it is called an embargo. Nations could also discourage imports by manipulating the currency exchange rate to make the local currency more valuable in relation to foreign currency.

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Q: Nations discouraged imports in what would be known as?
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What happens when a country imports more than it exports?

It would have what is known as a Trade Surplus.

How would you describe an embargo in trade among nations?

an embargo (import or export) is employed when a government wishes to completely halt all imports or exports of a specific product.

How would you define imports?

goods and services bought from other countries are called imports.

What is an excess of imports over exports?

This would be a trade deficit, where the imports cannot be balanced by exports.

What situation would encourage the European Union to put tariffs on imports?

There are many situations that would encourage the European Union to put tariffs on imports. A good example is when the imports pose a threat to the local productions.

Why did the British use the system of Mercantilism?

The British Empire and other strong European powers adopted the economic system called Mercantilism in the belief that such a system would further their national prosperity. Under this system, England had to attract the maximum amount of gold and silver, since wealth is measured by these metals. England also had to export more than it imported and receive gold and silver as payment for the difference between the payment system. In order to ensure that exports would have a strong base, it would subsidize domestic industry with awards for exporting as much as was possible. Imports would be discouraged by hifg tariffs on such imports that tried to compete with homeland industry. The acquisition of overseas colonies would assure a market for the homeland exports. And, provide an inexpensive source of raw materials, and some gold and silver as well. To keep the colony markets open to homeland exports, restrictions on the colony imports would handle that. Forbid trade with rival European nations as well.

Why was it possible that Lincoln would not be reflected in 1864?

the north was discouraged by bad war news- apex my homie

Why would the confucian philosophy discourage trade?

The Confucian philosophy discouraged trade as it saw it as an evil. Merchants were discouraged from trading as this was not considered to be an act of righteousness.

Why were norterners discouraged about the war in the summer of 1862?

The northerners were discouraged about the war in the summer of 1862 because it has become so clear that blacks would not be enslaved.

What is an example of a protectionists policy?

An example is a protectionist trade policy would be a tariff on imports, or quotas on the volume of imports.

How would you define undaunted?

It is the opposite of discouraged. It means unafraid, courageous.

Why do you have imports and exports?

u have imports and exports so that the ine of trade can continue and think about it, if we didnt have chinas exports what would we have