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Q: One that actively contributes to an accomplishment?
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Who is one that actively contributes to an accomplishment result or process?


Something that actively contributes to the production of a result?


What is Communications activity?

You are actively participating in the community when you participate in events and anything that contributes to the greater good of the community.

What was one of Powhatan greatest accomplishment?


What was El Cid's major accomplishment?

one of El Cids major accomplishment is that he was the prince of valencia from 1094-1099

Why discover php?

Technically PHP wasn't "discovered", Rasmus Lerdorf is the original author of the language and still actively contributes to the language.

What is one accomplishment of Claude Monet?

Starting Impressionism.

What was one major accomplishment of John Bell?

the telephone

What was an Aztec accomplishment?

One of the first advanced calendars

Which was an accomplishment of the United states government under the articles of confederation?

No accomplishment. It was the main reason that they met to rewrite it or make a new one.

What was Leonardo da Vinci's main accomplishment?

his greatest accomplishment was creating sculptures and paintingsAnswer 2: One should be aware that as far as sculptures are concerned Leonardo completed only one, and that is a tiny one.

Best accomplishment of Joseph estrada?

Joseph Estrada had one great accomplishment throughout his career. The best accomplishment of Joseph Estrada is that he was the first actor to be elected as president and vice president, at the same time, in the Philippines.