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Nova Net: Construction of underground churches ... Yes I'm 100% sure its right

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Q: What accomplishment was king lalibela of ethopia most famous?
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For what accomplishment was King Lalibela of Ethiopia most famous?

He built Churches underground.hahaha

For which accomplishments was King Lalibela of Ethiopia most famous?

construction of underground churches

Who is the ethiopian ruler who had charches carved into the mountains?

King Lalibela

What is unique about the culture of Lalibela?

I have went to the city Lalibela and went to it's churches! The churches are actually the culture that's unique because the angels have built it with King Lalibela.

Who is king Lalibela?

King Lalibela is one of the famous eleven kings of the Zagwe Dynasty and King Lalibela was the famous of all the Kings for having created New Jerusalem by having carved all the eleven rock-hewn churches under the same rock mountain in the middle of the Lasta Mountains. King Lalibela was born on 29th December (January 7), 1101 E.C. He had come to power in the year 1157E.C. He started creating the New Jerusalem (carving the rock hewn churches in the rock mountain) in 1167 E.C. and accomplished carving the churches in 1190E.C. King Lalibela died on 12th June (June 19), 1197E.C. There had prevailed eleven kings during the reigning period of the Zagwe Dyanasty amongst them four of them are canonized by the Ethiopian Church as saints and the four priest kings are the most prominent whose names are St. Yimrehane Kristos, St. Guebremariam, St. Lalibela and St. Nakotolaab. It was as a result of their greater contribution for the growth of Christianity in their empire and their priesthood that the Ethiopian Church had canonized them as sains. So they are still known as the four priest kings of the Zagwe Daynasty.

12th and 13th century artifacts attributed to Zagwe king Lalibela?


What twelfth and thirteenth century artifacts can be attributed to Zagwe King Lalibela?

ll rock churches .

What African king was known for building impressive Christian churches carved out of solid rock?

Gebre Mesqel Lalibela .

What 12th and 13th century artifacts can be attributed to Zagwe king lalibela?

Rock Hwen churches can be attributed

What was king piye's accomplishment?

to invade Egypt

Who built the church lalibela?

its said that king Lalibela himself built the churches. its also said ha every time he built a part of it, he next day he came back he would find ha some part had already been made. its believed by the Ethiopians that he had help from God.

What was a major accomplishment of William of Normandy?

He became a king.