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His father died before he could ascend to the throne. So, when King George's grandfather died, he became king.

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King George was famous when he took the colonies over and the throne was in this family for many generations

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Q: How did King George III become famous?
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How did King George III become ruler of Britain Bartholomew?

Bartholemew has absolutely nothing to do with King George III

Who was the British king during the American Revolution?

George III

Who influenced King George III to do what he did and to become who he was?

poppoppopopoo is it

Which man gained fame as an American general during the Revolutionary War?

George Washington became very famous after the war. Luckily he refused the offer to become another "King" George (we had just become independent from King George III)

What did King George III do before he became famous?

King George didn't do much before he became famous he because king at an early age

Why is king george the iii famous in the American revolution?

He was a king that ruled England .

Who was The king of England when the American colonies rebelled?

King George III

Did King George III want the colonies to become independent from Britain?


Who was the English king in 1773?

King George III

How did King George III become enemies with the US?

he kicked the president in the balls

Why was king george III famous?

Mostly for losing the American Revolution and his recurring insanity.

Who is the tyrant in Declaration of Independence?

King George III of England