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The french and english! :d

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France, England, The Netherlands.

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Q: Other than the Spanish which European powers explored North America?
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What European powers explored and colonized much of Canada and North America?

France and England

Who were the european powers in the caribbean and how did most of them earn their wealth?

The Spanish, British, Dutch, and Danish. Most of the European Powers were there to Profit from the sugar trade

Why did great Britain gain dominance on north America?

Britain gained dominance over North America due to naval superiority over the Spanish and the Portuguese, the other European military powers at the time.

what did many central america (after winning independence from european powers) do/have?

it was controlled by wealthy people

When did European powers begin establishing colonies in central America and the Caribbean islands?

when is the worloud gone

What was the first nation in the western hemisphere to gain independence from European powers?

united states of america

What powers in north America were a Challenge to the US?

the powers of North America that were a challenge to the US were that we had a very small army and no navy. Another one is that we were a weak country compared to the other European countries.

Why do you think the king of Spain commanded Catholic priest to teach the Native Americans Christianity?

During the ages in which the New World was explored and colonized by European powers, there were several reasons for the Spanish rulers to command their priests to teach Natives about Christianity and also to convert them to it. One was the conviction of the Spanish that Christianity was absolute truth. Another was the conviction that Native Americans were backwards peoples. Another was the conviction that, in being converted to the Spanish religion, the Native peoples would become more willing subjects of Spain.

In what regions of the world did European powers gain control by 1900?

asia, africa, and south america. trust me it is right;)

Which one of these words is an adjective European powers expanded their influence in the seventeenth century?

...European powers... European is the adjective, modifying the word powers; but it should be capitalized.

What was passed in 1820 and warned European powers to stay out of western hemishpere?

The Monroe Doctrine was passed in 1820 and warned European powers to stay out of the Western Hemisphere. President James Monroe warned European powers by saying that North and/or South America could know it served as asubject for colonization by Europe. This would be considered an unfriendly act. In return, the United States agreed to stay out of European affairs.

What caused John Quincy Adams to write the monroe doctrine?

John Quincy Adams wrote the Monroe Doctrine after receiving threats from European powers to recover colonies in Latin America.