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proclamation 0f 1763

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Q: Parliament issued the as a result of Pontiac's War?
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When was Pontiacs war?

Pontiacs War happened between 1760-1763 and ended when France signed the Treaty of Paris.

What did parliament issue that was a result for pontiac's war?

Proclamation of 1763

What was one cause of pontiacs's rebellion?

British success in the French and Indian war.

What did the Pontiacs war lead to?

The Proclamation of 1763, it stated that no colonist is allowed to go west of the Allegheny Mountains for the Native American's safety. Lord Grenville issued it so the colonists don't get hurt by going into Native American territory.

How did parliament lead to the Revolutionary War?

how did the parliament lead to the revolutionary war

What was one cause of pontiacs revolution?

One cause was Native Americans' anger at British policies after the French and Indian war.

Why did pontiacs war come to an end?

The Treaty of Paris was signed and marked the ending of the war. The Treaty of Paris was signed to end the French and Indian war, not Pontiac's. You are wrong whoever wrote this.

Who was Jame's 1 in war with?

he was in war with the parliament.

Why did they reopen Parliament?

they reopened the parliament to finance the war on Ireland

What of Parliament in the English Civil War were called What was the supporters of parliament in the English Civil War called?


How did the outcomes of the battles of the English Civil War affect the King and Parliament?

Parliament won the war, and the king lost his head.

What was the rusult of the French and Indian War?

British parliament thought the colonists should pay the cost of the war that is why the British parliament thought this war that the french would win in the war.