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Q: Preachers who sold all of their belongings and depended on community gifts to survive were what?
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Preachers who sold all of their belongings and depended on community gifts to survive were .?


What was the source of financial stability of Saint Francis and other brothers?

They had none. The group depended upon donations to survive.

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they depended on the food they hunted and the foods nuts and berries they found to survive

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eat each other with ed p

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How did changing ideas about what made up the Roman community help the Roman Empire survive

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its much easier to survive in a community then on there own

What is the Definition of an ecology community?

A community in ecology is an assembly or association of multiple species which are found within the same area. Species can only survive in a community and not on their own.

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The first Native Americans depended on their hunting skills, and gathering skills to survive. They learned how to live off the land and respect nature.

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With hope, love, and support of their community and loved ones.