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Q: Purity crusaders wanted to rid their communities of?
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What did purity crusaders want to rid their communities of?


What were purity crusaders?

They were a group of people that supported moral reforms and wanted to get rid of all vice and sin during the Progressive Movement. Their leader was Anthony Comstock. Two successes they had were the Comstock Law (made the distribution about birth control information illegal) and another law (unnamed?) making immoral things in the mail illegal.

How was the people treated during world war 2?

they were treated very badly by Hitler but it depended on what country they were in for example he wanted to get rid of jews

What did Robespierre try to accomplish during the Reign of Terror?

He wanted to preserve, protect and defend the French Revolution.

What did the French want to achieve in the French revolution?

The French wanted to get rid of the class system. There were the commoners, the clergy and the nobility. The commoners were the normal, hard working common people. The clergy were the religious people such as priests and were protected by the nobility, they were rich and had a lot ofprivileges The nobility were rich because they were born into wealthy and powerful families, they had a lot of privileges and most of them lived at court. One of those privileges was that the clergy and nobility did not have to pay any taxes, but the commoners had to pay an awful lot of taxes. So, the poorest people had to pay all of the taxes, while the rich people were sitting back and getting even richer. Also, the commoners did not have any input on how their country was reigned or by who. They felt left out and disadvantaged and began to have revolutionary ideas. They wanted their rank to be represented and wanted to have input. They felt they were the largest group of people in the country (which they actually were) and therefore had that right. The first thing they wanted to get rid of was the old regime with the class system, they wanted equality. The second was that they had had enough of the monarchial system, they wanted to be able to vote who reigned their country instead of just accepting a King because he was born to be one. They wanted France to be a republic instead of a monarchy. They did not succeed. They did overthrow their monarchs and actually killed them (Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette), but then the country was rudderless and nobody knew who was supposed to reign it and how. The people grew more and more dissatisfied and eventually Napoleon Bonaparte took advantage of the weak position of France and made it an Empire.

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What did purity crusaders want to rid their communities of?


What was the goal of purity crusaders?

The goal of purity crusaders was to promote moral standards and uphold traditional values by combating vices such as alcoholism, prostitution, and immorality. They sought to purify society by establishing stricter laws and regulations to eliminate perceived social ills.

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they wanted to get rid of tariffs on the Northern goods.

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they wanted to get rid of their king

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I think you mean abolitionists. And what they wanted to do was abolish slavery.

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Otto you wanted to rid Germany of the control of nobles and asked the who for help? FML Roman Catholic Church

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