What were purity crusaders?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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They were a group of people that supported moral reforms and wanted to get rid of all vice and sin during the Progressive Movement. Their leader was Anthony Comstock. Two successes they had were the Comstock Law (made the distribution about Birth Control information illegal) and another law (unnamed?) making immoral things in the mail illegal.

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They where a group of people who wanted moral reform in the late 1800's to the early 1900's. Some of the things they supported where prohibition, and the eradication or VD. They where often criticized for they imposed their views on others and sometimes came off as thinking that they were better. They also ran into trouble with their view vs. the scientific reformers. An example of this would be hookworm.

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Q: What were purity crusaders?
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What were the purity crusaders?

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What did purity crusaders want to rid their communities of?


Purity crusaders wanted to rid their communities of?


What was the goal prohibitionists and purity crusaders?

The goal prohibitionists and purity crusaders was to improve social and moral values as they saw it. Many disagreed this was an effective way to improve life.

Prohibitionists and purity crusaders shared the goal of?

The purity crusaders and prohibitionists shared one goal, and that is to promote moral values in American society. Both groups support the banning of vices such as gambling, prostitution, alcohol, drugs, and exotic dancing.

What did prohibitionists and purity crusaders want to improve?

Prohibitionists wanted to eliminate the consumption of alcohol to reduce crime, poverty, and other social problems they believed were caused by drinking. Purity crusaders aimed to improve public health and hygiene by advocating for food and drug safety regulations, as well as promoting moral values in society.

How did temperance groups and purity crusaders differ from charity social gospel and settlement movements?

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What was the goal of purity crusaders?

The goal of purity crusaders was to promote moral standards and uphold traditional values by combating vices such as alcoholism, prostitution, and immorality. They sought to purify society by establishing stricter laws and regulations to eliminate perceived social ills.

19th and 20th century. How did purity crusaders see the interrelation of urban cities and large numbers of immigrants and vice?

There were efforts to restrict foreign immigration. Chinese immigrants were excluded in 1882.

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