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Updated: 8/18/2023
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After the First World War in 1918, British and its allied powers decided to divide Turkey among themselves. Turkey supported Germany in the First World War. Germany lost the war and Turkey had to face the music. British and its allies also resolved to dissolve the designation of Khilafat. The designation of Khilafat always remained holy and sacred in the Muslim history. Khalifa is considered the vicegerent of Allah on the Earth. Therefore, the Muslims became infuriated on this unholy act of the British government. Maulana Mohammad Ali Johar and Maulana Shaukat Ali Johar along with other Muslim leaders started a movement called the Khilafat movement.

Aims And Objectives Of The Khilafat Movement:

The Khilafat Movement aimed at presenting the Ottoman Empire and the continuity of the temporal power of Khalifa to protect Muslim lands without any mandate. Mohammad Ali put forward the demands of the Khilafat Movement in a speech delivered at Paris on March 21, 1920 by declaring:
“The Khilafat shall not be dismembered but that the Khalifa
Shall have sufficient temporal power for the defence of the
Faith, that in the Island of Arabia there shall be exclusive,
Muslim control without mandate or protection and that the
Khalifa shall remain as heretofore the warden of the
Holy places.”

Demands Of The Khilafat Movement:

The demands of the Khilafat committee were as under:
i) The Turkish Empire should not be dismembered.
ii) The Holy place should remain in the custody of Turkish Government.
iii) The institution of Caliphate must be retained.

Causes Of The Failure Of Khilafat Movement:

Gandhi also joined Muslims in their Khilafat Movement. In fact, he wants to protect the British government and needed autonomy of India through this movement. Therefore, he joined the Khilafat Movement for achieving his coveted plan. Apparently, he was showing that he was sincere to the Muslim cause.
Quaid-e-Azam admonished the Muslims that this movement should not be started but Muslims were not listening to him.
Non-cooperation movement, Hijrat movement, Moplah revolt and the Chauri Chaura tragedy did a great loss to Muslim properties, wealth and lives.
After the tragedy of Chauri Chaura, Gandhi left the Khilafat movement saying that he did not like violence.
After Hijrat Movement, the Muslims had to come back to the Sub-continent but now they had lost their hearth and home. They had to face the severe circumstances in the Khilafat movement.
In 1924, Mustafa Kamal Ata Turk assumed power in Turkey and abolished the institution of Khilafat himself lf. This act of him really disappointed Muslims. Thus the Khilafat Movement came to an end without achieving its goals.

Effects Of Khilafat Movement:

i) The Credit Side Of Khilafat Movement:
• It trained Muslims for political action and agitation.
• It united the extremists and modernists on one platform.
• They learned that Hindus can never be friends of Muslims. Their differences are too deep-rooted to weed out.
• The Muslims got acquainted of their political power.
• It made Muslims politically conscious.
• It destroyed the myth of Muslims loyalty to the British.

ii) Adverse Side Of Khilafat Movement:

• Muslims became more interested in national affairs than international one.
• Hijrat movement cost millions of rupees and millions of families.
• Muslim emotionalism gave nothing to them. Khilafat was abolished not by British but by Turks themselves.
• Religious leaders for the time being vanished from political arena.


Every movement against the British rule left its good as well as bad effects on the people. After Khilafat Movement Muslims of the Sub-continent become united, strong and conscious about their separate identity which led them towards final destination. This was the real credit which Muslims derived from Khilafat Movement.

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The Khilafat Movement was an asset for the struggle of Pakistan. It made clear to the Indian Muslims to trust neither the British nor the Hindus, but to look to their own strengths for self-preservation.

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Q: Results of khilafat movement
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What is khilafat movement?

khilafat movement is the movement which was passed by gandhiji khilafat movement is the movement which was passed by gandhiji

What were the events of khilafat movement?

The outcomes of Khilafat Movement were huge. It left both good and bad effects. It results in protest and rallies on streets of subcontinent. There was an increase in violence day by day. It results in collapse of Hindu Muslims alliance. A huge number of peoples were involved in this Movement, may be this was also a reason of civil disobedience.Because of some violent incidents in the country which resulted in the deaths of many Hindus, Muslims and British people, Mahatma Gandhi G called off his Non-Cooperation Movement. This was a major jolt to the Khilafat Movement.

Explain the impact of khilafat movement on the Indian national movement?

the khilafat movement fostered hindu-mulim unity and strengthened nationalist feeling in india

When khilafat movement start?

In 1919

Who led the khilafat movement?

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and Mohammad Ali led the khilafat movement with the help of Gandhi Ji this move also started in 1921 just like the non-cooperation movement

What did the muslims of the sub continent gain from khilafat movement?

Elaborate the Khilafat Movement and causes of its failure. What did the Muslims of the Sub-Continent gain from this religio-political Movement?

When did khilafat movement start?

On 1st August 1920, Non-cooperation and Khilafat Movement began.

Which movement in India had support from hindus Muslims?

khilafat movement

What were the objectives of the khilafat movement?

The main objectives of Khilafat Movement were:1)To protect the Usmania Khilafat of Turkey 2)The protection of sacred and religious places of Muslims i.e.BAT-UL-MUQADDAS 3)The protection of limits of Turkey if it is defeated in the world war

What were the main objectives of khilafat movement?

The main objectives of Khilafat Movement were:1)To protect the Usmania Khilafat of Turkey 2)The protection of sacred and religious places of Muslims i.e.BAT-UL-MUQADDAS 3)The protection of limits of Turkey if it is defeated in the world war

When did the khilafat movement begin?

it begin in 1919 and was till 1922

What are the aims of Khilafat Movement?

Between 1919 and 1924, the Khilafat Movement in British-controlled India was a political protest movement. It was pan-Islamic and aimed to protect the Ottoman Empire and also remove the British influence in India.