Rolf Wam Fjell is married

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No he is not married.

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Q: Rolf Wam Fjell is married
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Is rolf wam fjell still with hillsong?

Rolf was born in 1981.

Is Olav Fjell married?

Olav Fjell is married

Who is the worship leader of Hillsong United?

there have been several guitarist lineups for hillsong united. considering that usually in their albums they have more than 3 guitarists it is rather difficult to say. Michael guy chislett, Dylan thomas, Marcus beaumont, jad gillies, and dean ussher have been guitarists for the band.

What is Fjell's population?

The population of Fjell is 21,507.

What is the name of Olav Fjell's wife?

Else Fjell

When did Kai Fjell die?

Kai Fjell died in 1989.

What is the area of Fjell?

The area of Fjell is 148 square kilometers.

When was Kai Fjell born?

Kai Fjell was born in 1907.

How tall is Anders Fjell?

Anders Fjell is 174 cm.

Where was Olav Fjell born?

Olav Fjell was born in Tromso in Norway.

When was Olav Fjell born?

Olav Fjell was born on June 28th, 1951.

Was Olav Fjell in the army?

Fjell enlisted in the military and became a lieutenant in the Norwegian army