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He married irenne in 1387

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no he did not get married

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Q: When did Prince Henry and Irene get married?
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Was Prince Henry married?

Yes,Prince Henry was married to a beautiful lady named Irene. == ==

Was prince Henry married if so to who?

He was married to a woman named Irene Fittspatrick in 1387.

Is Prince Henry married?


When was prince Henry the navigator get married?


Who are Prince Henry the navigators sons?

Prince Henry's sons are Prince Waldemar, Prince Sigismund, and Prince Heinrich. prince Henry didnt Mary or have sons no offfense to the guy who wrote the answer above but is he an idoit i have looked at many places and they all said prince Henry the navigator didnt get married!!

Who is married to Queen Elizabeth?

Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh, is married to Queen Elizabeth.

Who was prince Henrys wife?

Prince Henry the Navigator was never married. The wife of Prince Henry of Prussia was Princess Wilhelmina of Hesse-Kassel, and the wife of Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester was Lady Alice Montagu Douglas Scott.

Who was Catherine of aragons first husband?

As a child she was betrothed to Henry's older brother, Prince Arthur; they were married in 1501 but Arthur died six months later. Catherine subsequently married Henry on 11 June 1509.

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Who married in Henry in MAY 1509?

Its not May 1509. Henry VIII married Catherine of Aragon on the 11th June 1509, seven years after Prince Arthur's death

How many children did henrry the eighth have?

Prince Henry was never married and did not have children.

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