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The Battle of Austerlitz was held near Austerlitz, Austria, a town that is now part of the Czech Republic and known as Slavkov u Brna.

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austerlitz austerlitz

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Q: Site of napoleons greatest victory where french troops defeated the Austrian and Russian armies in December 1805?
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Site of Napoleon's greatest victory where French troops defeated the Austrian in Russian armies in December 1805?

austerlitz austerlitz

What were some napoleons greatest strengths and weaknesses?


The site of napoleons greatest defeat was?

Trafalgar, a battle he lost to the English due to his crossing of the T's (naval tactic) and their flag communication.

What was perhaps Napolean's greatest military success against the Austrian Russian Alliance?

Napoleon's greatest military success was against the Austrian Russian Alliance at the battle of Austerlitz in 1805.

Many people consider to be one of napoleons greatest achievements?

the Napoleonic Code

What was napoleons greatest mistake?

attacking Russia in 1812. Didn't go so hot :/

What was francis drakes greatest accomplishment?

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What were Napoleons 3 greatest achievements?

That that was called "the perfect battle", the Battle of Austerlitz, which had been carried out exactly as planned by Napoleon. In my opinion also the first part of the same campaign, that is the "manoeuvre on Ulm", which led to the encirclement and surrendering of an Austrian army of 50,000 men under Gen. Mack in Ulm is worth of being recorded as a component of the aforesaid greatest military accomplishment.

What to people consider to be one of napoleons greatest achievements?

Many people would consider that the creation of the Code Napoleon, which is a body of law that remains part (but is not all) of the French legal system to this day, is among his greatest achievements.

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Grant became the greatest northern general who defeated Lee.

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