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Increasing demand for skilled labor.

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Q: The Columbian Exchange promoted the Commercial Revolution in Europe by?
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In the 1500's there occurred something called the columbian exchange what was it why was it important give me two examples?

The columbian exchange was important in the history of the world because it promoted the exchange of idea's and item between continents and changed lives in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Examples are : New World to Old World: tomatoes, potatoes , squash, beans, pumpkins, tobacco, corn and even chocolate. Old World to new World: cows, pigs, goats, horses, chickens, citrus fruits, grapes and onions and even smallpox.

What role did nationalism play in changing political ideologies in France?

Nationalism sparked political revolution that promoted liberal government.

Who promoted world revolution based on the Russian model?

Vladimir Lenin

What did the silk roads promote?

The silk road promoted commodity and cultural exchange

Did The Mongol Empire promoted the intercultural exchange of ideas technology and science?


Nationalism in France sparked political revolution that promoted?

Answer this question… liberal government

How did Thomas Paine and his pamphlet Common Sense influenced the American Revolution?

cuz ur grandma worked my shaft

How did humanism change the way people thought about their religions?

Humanism really promoted education and the free exchange of ideas

Why were independent universities to the start of the scientific revolution?

They promoted learning outside the control of the government and Catholic Church.

What was DeWitt Clinton's invention during the industrial revolution?

His invention was the Locomotive and also promoted the erie canal

What events helped lead to the enlightenment?

The Scientific Revolution, which emphasized reason and empiricism, as well as the Protestant Reformation, which challenged the authority of the Catholic Church, were important events that paved the way for the Enlightenment. Additionally, the spread of humanism and the printing press further promoted critical thinking and the exchange of ideas.

Why were independent universities important to the start of the scientific revolution?

They promoted learning outside the control of the government and Catholic Church.