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They resented their lack of political power under the Old Regime.

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Q: The French bourgeoisie supported the French Revolution mainly because they?
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What estate gained the most from the french revolution?

The Bourgeoisie certainly where the "Big Winners" as a result of the French Revolution of 1789. This group made of the commoners- The Third Estate- were business owners, lawyers, and others who were not born to nobility, yet were relatively wealthy. The Bourgeoisie understood the peasants and their needs and desire for releif. They further knew how to manipulate and control the masses of France to use them towards their ends. The Bourgeoisie were modivated to force change in France. They were the Enlightened ones and were educated in the Enlightened movement. This gave them the knowlege and desire to see freedom for all citizens to come to France. The Bourgeoisie were to ones who are appointed as representatives during the Estate-General. Subsequently where the members who where percieved as the "victims" of the Nobility and monarchy, which caused them to form the "National Asembly." This helped The Bourgeoisie to rally the commoners to their aid as the Revolution began. They where the ones who implimneted a new Constitution, Declaration of man and of citizen, they abolished feudalism, equalized the tax system, provided "benefits" and releif fot the common man. The Bourgeoisie were the ones who controlled the King and were in power. The Bourgeoisie were the ones who moved into power and initially passed laws the were to the liking to the commoners. The Bourgeoisie wre the "winners" of the French Revoolution!

What was the name of the middle class of people in France?

The middle class people of France were known as the bourgeoisie. They represent the wealthiest social class, and are identifiable by their ownership of capital. In France, they represented the Third Estate, and were forced to shoulder the expenses of the first two estates prior to the French Revolution.

What role did lawyers play in the french revolution?

Lawyers were wealthy members of the Bourgeoisie and were highly regarded during the French Revolution. Lawyers were members of the Third Estate, which had been abused by the other two Estates, paying the largest tax burden and receiving less benefits.

Why did European rulers denounce the French Revolution?

Because they feared that the revolution would carry over to their countries.

Why were Americans generally sympathetic to France after the French Revolution?

Because France was one of the main traders with the United States. They had supported us and we felt that if we didnt help then we would be in trouble.

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Who were the bourgeoisie during the french revolution?

middle class people

How did the bourgeoisie benefit from the revolution?

The bourgeoisie benefited greatly from the French Revolution. They were able to gain more rights overall as a country and were no longer ruled by a king.

Was the French Revolution supported by other European governments'?

No European Nation supported the French Revolution.

How do you use bourgeoisie?

When speaking of the French middle class, particularly during the French Revolution. ex: When the bourgeoisie revolted, they expressed their discontent by beheading the king.

What was the powerful social class before the french revolution?

The bourgeoisie (the common folk).

Who was the leader of extreme radicals during the French Revolution?

Robespierre most often gets that ranking in the French Revolution.

Who did the French fight against in the French revolution?

The French revolutionists (the 3rd estate, the bourgeoisie) fought against their monarchical system.

What was another name for the middle class during the french revolution?

la Bourgeoisie

During the French revolution who supported the idea of change?

The desire for change sparked the French revolution. Most of the country were peasants and commoners, who supported the idea of change.

Was Napoleon against the French Revolution?

No, he supported the Republicans.

What view did the political parties of the US take on the French Revolution?

Washington was unhappy about it but the Jeffersonians supported the French Revolution.

Who made up the third estate in France prior to the french revolution?

The Middle Classes, also called the Bourgeoisie.