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The Glorious Revolution of 1688 was primarily a victory for the people of England. The revolution was between the King and Parliament (the representatives of the people).

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Q: The Glorious Revolution of 1688 was primarily a victory for?
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When did the glorious revolution happen?

Glorious Revolution happened in 1688.

What happen in 1688?

glorious revolution

Last revolution in great Britain?

Glorious Revolution 1688

When was The Glorious Revolution?

The Glorious Revolution began shortly after James II became king in 1685, and began consolidating his royal power. The political struggle was given additional impetus in 1688 by the birth of a son to James. This threatened a Catholic dynasty, and the revolution deposed James in 1688 and installed the Protestant monarchs William III and Mary II in 1689.

What was the name of the bloodless change of power in 1688 England?

Glorious Revolution

What was the bloodless event where one monarch replaced another?

The Glorious Revolution of 1688

The peaceful ousting of James II by Parliament in 1688 was known as?

the glorious revolution

What year was The English Glorious Revolution?

William of Orange first arrive in November of 1688, but did not officially become king until 1689, which was the end of the Glorious revolution

What was the glorious revolution what were the cases of it?

The Glorious Revolution took place in 1688. The union of English Parliamentarians together with the Dutch, overthrew King James II of England.

What is the name of the bloodless overthrow of James II by William and Mary in 1688?

"The Glorious Revolution"

What political concept became very popular as a result of the glorious revolution?

Civil rights is the political concept that became popular as a result of the glorious revolution. The Glorious revolution occurred in 1688.

Why was the glorious revolution of 1688 significant to the colonies?

Because William and Mary supported the supremacy of Parliament.