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Q: The Square Deal and Open-Door Policy dealt with involvement in the Far East?
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Why were there 5 treaties ending ww1?

These were to deal with the countries who lost the war (i.e. against the Allied Nations) These treaties were: 1. Treaty of Versailles (dealt with Germany) 2. Treaty of St. Germain (dealt with Austria) 3. Treaty of Trianon (dealt with Hungary) 4. Treaty of Neuilly (dealt with Bulgaria) 5. Treaty of Sevres (dealt with Turkey) The main reason for these treaties was to demilitarise the armies which prevented them from becoming threats to the Allied nations any time soon.

Peace treaties of World War 1?

The main treaties after WW1 include the Treaty of St. Germain, which dissolved Austria-Hungary and held votes to move certain conflicting populations. The Treaty of Trianon dealt with Hungary's borders. The Treaty of Sevres dealt with the Ottaman Empire's troubled borders. Finally, the Treaty of Neuilly dealt with Bulgaria's borders. Sources: Wikipedia and history course

How did Germany change after WW1?

Germany was split up into four different areas; each of which was given to a different member of the Allies of World War I. It also dealt with many political and economic complications after the first world war.

Were Otto Von Bismarck's methods justified by his social reforms in Germany?

Bismarck was willing to do whatever it took to achieve unification. He was known to be a good leader, but dealt with his opposition harshly, earning him the title of "Tyrant." Bismarck's social reforms were pioneering, however, his methods of rule were separate and apart from his reforms. His reforms did not justify the extremes he used.

What is an Appeasement example?

Appeasement is the practice of giving in to someone's demands. In pre-WWII, Hitler made many demands, starting in 1933. Most in the early stages of the Third Reich dealt with reversing the articles of the Treaty of Versailles (i.e. Reclaiming the Saar region & militarizing the Rhineland. France & England, having had enough of war in 1918 did not contest Hitler's actions. Next Austria's government was overthrown and taken control of by Germany. The Sudetenland, an area around the western rim of present-day Czech Republic was claimed by Germany, due to the number of Germanpeople living there after WWI. This land area was ceeded to become the newly formed country Czechoslovakia, under the articles of the Versailles Treaty.In each case, Hitler was appeased by the British and the French, in hopes to avoid war. Each time, Hitler stated that "....this is all we want for Lebenstraum (living space)...." Each time, he was appeased. This was continued until Hitler invaded Poland. Britain, with the backing of France, finally ended the policy of appeasing Hitler.

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Did The Square Deal and Open-Door Policy dealt with involvement in the Far East?


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Jackson's Indian Policy laid the groundwork for how future presidents often dealt with Indians--by force.

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They had to have them because they dealt with foreign nations

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What was the belief that the us must stop any soviet pressure wherever it develops?

The "containment policy" dealt with the expansion of Communism in the western hemisphere.

Was President Monroe the first president to develop a foreign policy?

All Presidents, beginning with George Washington, had foreign policies. They had to have them because they dealt with foreign nations.Monroe was the first President to have one element of his foreign policy named after him.

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