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cultural relativism

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I believe it is Anthropology

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Q: The belief that cultures should be judged by their own standards?
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The European policy of paternalism reflected the belief that Africans should be?

Governed in a parental way by providing for their needs but not giving them rights.

How were African Canadians treated in the 1920s?

That answer is relative. By 1920's standards they were treated very well. After all there was a reason so many fled from the United States to Canada. Blacks have a deep history in Canada. Canada in 1819 was one of the first to declare Canadian Blacks were free. They were and are one of the many Nations and cultures that built today's Canada. By today's standard they were not treated well, or not as well as they could have been. Typical of the age many Canadians held very racial views of people. To them a persons race decided many things. In some cases it meant that the "races" should not mix. In others it meant only certain races should have access to government programs or jobs and could fulfill only certain roles. Sometimes there was open hostility but racial discrimination acts were being passed in the first half of the the 20th century showing that the government and most of the people did not support such racism.

What are isolationist view points?

Isolationist viewpoints refer to the belief and policy of avoiding involvement in international affairs and focusing on domestic concerns. Isolationists often advocate for limited or no participation in global organizations, treaties, and military interventions. They prioritize protecting national sovereignty and interests over global engagement.

What were Angelina grimke feeling on the place of women?

They should be more involved in social causes. (APEX)

What did john Locke and thomas hobbes agree about?

That people should give up there natural rights (social contract)

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What is the opposite of ethnocentrism?

The opposite of ethnocentrism is cultural relativism, which is the belief that all cultures have value and should be understood and judged based on their own standards and beliefs rather than comparing them to one's own culture.

What standards have to be met before a person is judged insane?

A person is not "judged" insane. Insanity is used as a defense in a criminal trial. A jury must decide,after hearing the evidence, if the defendant should be considered insane or not.

What answer best describes cultural relativism?

Cultural relativism is the belief that an individual's beliefs and behaviors should be understood within the context of their own culture, rather than judged against the standards of another culture. It emphasizes the importance of respecting cultural differences and understanding diverse perspectives.

According to each person has his or her own ideas of right and wrong so no one should judge anyone else.?

Wrong. There are standards and laws and when someone crosses a line they should be judged. Without these standards society in there is chaos and there is a need to know right from wrong.

People should not be judged by others?

You are very right no one should be judged its a natural thing to be judged no one should be judged on any condistion

Should you be judged by your answer?

you should not be judged by you answer because its your decision on what you say or do.. <3 xx

What are two questions associated with aesthetics?

How should art be judged? What are the values of art?

Which country in the world is uncivilized?

It is not accurate or respectful to label an entire country as "uncivilized." Every country has its own unique cultures, traditions, and societal norms that should be understood and appreciated rather than judged in such a manner. It is important to approach different cultures with an open mind and avoid stereotypes.

Which of these is one of the questions addressed by aesthetics?

Aesthetics (ehs-THEH-tiks) - the philosophical study of art that explores fundamental questions, such as ¨What is art?¨ and ¨What is beauty?¨

What are some examples of conventional wisdom?

Conventional wisdom is an accepted opinion, belief or judgement. For example, 'A book should never be judged by its cover' or - 'a film can not succeed unless it stars a famous actor.' or 'if you work hard you will succeed'.

Is Jim Carrey judged?

This is a confusing question but I'll do my best. Jim Carrey should not be judged by by us or other people, but he will be judged by God on judgment day, as will everyone else.

What standards of evidence should journalists demand from their sources?

What standards of evidence should journalist