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turn around three times and look at your twinkies

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Q: The history behind the name sugar land?
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How did sugar land get there name?

Sugar Land got its name from the sugarcane plantation that once covered the area. The fertile land was ideal for growing sugarcane, which led to the development of sugar plantations in the area in the mid-1800s. The town eventually grew around these plantations and adopted the name "Sugar Land" to reflect its history and heritage.

Who is sugar land real name?

No its not

What goods are made in sugar land Texas?

Sugar Land was given its name because the area was once a sugar cane field. The business, Imperial Sugar, harvested and refined the sugar. The Imperial Sugar area is now being re-developed.

What is the history behind Chicago's Goose Island?

See for a history of the island's name.

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The name kyle comes from Ireland meaning "small strip of land.".

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of course it can!!! -It's a Gaelic spelling.

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Meaning dark skinned,moorish. Italian,spanish and Portuguese origins.

This is the name given to a type of agricultural worker in pre-industrial history who was obligated to work a specific piece of land for the land owner?


How do you name a college sorority?

The names of fraternities and sororities are self-selected, and the history behind their names are unique to each organization.

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The Ritz is truly elegant and luxurious. It also has history behind its name.

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if your name is Summer, you are the sexiest girl alive! people probably thought it's delightful. therefore, unfortunatley naming their children that!