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Q: The holy roman empire existed 800 AD until when?
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The holy Roman Empire existed from 800 ad until when?


The holy roman empire existed from 800 ad to when?


What is the Holy Empire?

You are probably thinking of the Holy Roman Empire. This empire existed in central Europe during the years 962 to 1806. It lasted almost as long as the original Roman Empire.

Who said the Holy Roman Empire was 'not Holy Roman or an Empire'?

Voltaire said the Holy Roman Empire was not 'Holy, Roman, or an Empire.'

Why did Austrains start hating Jews?

It's not anything new. Anti-semitism existed in the Holy Roman Empire (of which Austria was part) for hundreds of years before Hitler was even born- it actually existed before even the Holy Roman Empire was born!

The holy roman empire became this country?

the holy roman empire was not holy, roman or an empire - Voltaire

Is Germany holy Roman empire?

Germany was part of the Holy Roman Empire. But was not the Holy Roman Empire.

What are the differenced between the holy roman empire and the roman empire?

How do i know. its my homework

Who ended Charlemagne's empire?

After the death of his son the empire was divided between his (Louis, the sons of Charlemagne) three sons, as was common in his culture. De title of "holy Roman Emperor" was given to the most eastern part, today known as Germany. That is also the reason that Germany was known as "the Holy Roman Empire" until 1806. So it was his son who first divided his empire, but it existed until 1806.

What is the difference between the Orthodox Church and the Holy Roman?

The Holy Roman Empire was actually in Germany and was named so by a pope after Charlemagne or Charles the Great conquered most of Europe and became Christan.The Roman Empire, from around 750 BC, began as a kingdom, then a republic, and finally an empire by around 30 BC, encompassing the entire region around the Mediterranean Sea, including as far west as Portugal and north to the British Isles, west surrounding the Black Sea to Armenia and Mesopotamia, to the south encompassed the northern coast of Africa and all of Egypt. Once Roman military conquest had been accomplished, Roman occupation establish the Latin language, legal system, and culture to these lands and was the origin of what is today referred to as "Western Culture".The Holy Roman Empire included Germany and the part of Italy ruled by Germany between 800 AD to around 1800. Charlemagne, King of the Franks (which was the territory formerly known as Gaul, approximately France and Germany of today) traveled to Rome, where Pope Leo III on Christmas day in 800, unexpectedly crowned him Emperor of the Romans. This put Charlemagne in direct competition with the Byzantine emperor in Constantinople. Charlemagne's empire included the Germanic empire and that part of Italy controlled by the Germans. From this point on, there is a constant power struggle between the Pope in Rome and the German empire which eventually leads to the decline in the power of the Catholic Church and the rise of Protestantism.

Did Jesus Christ do worship?

Jesus (if he existed) was Jewish, so he practised Jewish worship. Christianity didn't exist until after his death, it was invented by the Holy Roman Empire, not Jesus himself.

When was Holy Roman Empire created?

Holy Roman Empire was created in 962.